Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Peter Schwarzenegger

Born: 25th September 1969, Graz

Professional Background:
  • Since 1993 Assistant at the Institute of Civil Law, Comparative and International Private Law, University of Graz
  • 2000 Graduation in Doctor of Laws at the University of Graz
  • 2001 - 2002 Court internship in OLG-perish of Graz
  • Josef-Krainer-Award 2002
  • 2002 Employee of the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law, Vienna
  • Since October 2004 APART Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

  • Contractual Matters
  • Inheritance Law
  • Interactions between Private Law and Public Law
Approval Certificate:
Author or co-author of numerous legal opinions, including on issues of Contract Law, Product Liability Law, Electricity Law, State Liability Law, Neighboring Rights or the Right of Inheritance

Scientific Publications:
  • Civil Law Exam - "Tokio Hotel" and "Everything should remain as it is," Graz 20.06.2008 (E. Bernat) - Solution Sketch, JAP 2008/09, 108-120 (with E. Bernat).
  • Deficiencies in the Construction, Damages and Limitation: Currency, A case from Practice (with E. Bernat), in The Austrian Society for Construction Law and Austrian Institute for Construction Law (Eds), Updates on Construction and Procurement Law, Festschrift for the 30-year Anniversary of the Austrian Society for Construction Law, Manz, Wien, 2008, 99-114.
  • Civil Law Exam - "View of St. Stephan", Graz 28.04.2006 (E. Bernat) - Solution Sketch, JAP 2006/07, 182-192, 251-156 (with E. Bernat).
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  • Civil Law Exam, Graz, 3.10.2003 (W. Posch) - Solution Sketch for JAP (with U. Terlitza), JAP 2003/04, 234-240 and JAP 2004/05, 64-71.
  • Explanatory Notes on the Decision of the ECJ 30.09.2003, Rs C-224/01 ZfRV 2003, 236-238 (State liability for Breaches of Community Law by Supreme Courts).
  • New Challenges in State Liability Law, in I. Eisenberger/I. Golden/K. Lachmayer/G. Marx/D. Tomasovsky (Eds), Standards and Standard Conception - Festschrift for Bernd-Christian Funk on the 60th Birthday, Springer, 2003, 501-518.
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  • State Liability, Community Legal Requirements and Implications for National Law, NWV/Nomos, Wien, 2001, 329 printed pages.
  • Selected Problems of State Liability under Community Law. A first Analysis of the Decision of the Supreme Court of 25.07.2000 in the Legal Case Konle, JBL 2001, 161-166.
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  • The Consumer Protection Act Amendment 1996 and the related Amendments to the Civil Code, The Insurance Act and the Act on expanded Protection of Victims, in Jesser/Kiendl/Schwarzenegger, The new Consumer Protection Law, WUV, Wien, 1997, 444 printed pages, 23-53.
  • The State Liability for Failure to Policy Implementation by the Jurisprudence of the ECJ and the Austrian Liability Law, in Terlitza/Schwarzenegger/Boric (Eds), The International Dimension of Law - Festschrift for Willibald Posch for the 50th Anniversary, Verlag Österreich/ Österreichische Staatsdruckerei, Wien, 1996, 500 printed pages 361-383.
  • The current Ministerial Draft Amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, JAP 1996/97, 51-62.
  • The planned Changes to §§ 6 and 9 Consumer Protection Act, JAP 1995/96, 204-211.
  • Is § 15 BG 29.12.1992, BGBl 826 unconstitutional? ZVR 1995, 258-261.
  • The Objection Penetration in the Consumer Protection Act after the 1993 Amendment, BankArch 1994, 852-858 (with D. Kiendl).

Teaching and Lecturing:
  • Various courses at the Institute of Civil Law, Foreign and International Private Law at the National University of Graz
  • Talks in the framework of training and continuing education events