Every lawyer-client relationship requires an intense cooperation between client and lawyer to ensure that the matter in question may be handled efficiently and successfully. Stories of neverending legal proceedings with no concrete results are common, and these are often caused by an inadequate exchange of information. An informational advantage often leads to a successful litigation.

We therefore take the liberty of requesting the following:

Any information can be important. Keep us informed about all news, whether it is directly related to the matter in question or simply a change of address or phone number. Communication is the most important element of collaboration. We always strive to keep you fully up to date on all activities. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us, and you will receive the information you need promptly.

Send us all documents in the most complete form possible and at the earliest possible stage. The timely collection of information accelerates the processing of your requests and helps prevent unwelcome surprises.

In practice, even after our intervention, "opponents" may seek to establish direct contact with you. In such cases, you should refer them to your legal representation. Ill-advised concessions or even signatures might endanger your legal position. In such situations, we will discuss the legal situation with you and then submit the necessary explanations on your behalf.