We have been featured on the lists of recommended contact lawyers for both the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy ( and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany ( for decades.

Not least because of the international orientation of many of our clients, we collaborate continuously with colleagues from neighboring countries. Therefore, it goes without saying that we can supervise any cross-border litigation, potentially with the aid of our associated attorneys,  promptly, at the highest juridical level, and with the greatest potential for a satisfactory outcome for our clients. For specialized areas or extraordinarily large cases, we are also in a position to select and consult highly specialized national and international experts. Furthermore, we are a member of Advolex, a European network of mainly German speaking law firms.

Furthermore, we are in constant contact with experts from other areas of expertise. Of particular note is our ongoing partnership with the tax consultancy Gaedke & Angeringer Steuerberatung GmbH (