Media Law

Counseling in the area of media law (e.g. defamation, credit damage, libel) is among the most sensitive areas of legal advice. Since a lost defamation claim is likely to destroy the party’s good reputation, the decision to file such a claim must be carefully considered. There are also a variety of civil and criminal remedies that preclude each other on the one hand, and complement each other on the other hand. Prudent legal advice, which need not end up in a court of law, is essential.
We are continuously engaged in the field of media consultancy for both classic newspaper operations and in the new media segment. We have extensive experience asserting media-related legal claims. The implementation of proceedings in the field of traditional media (criminal) law, the enforcement of rights of reply, and the subsequent settlement of claims for damages due to incorrect public reporting is one ares of focus for Dr. Stefan Lausegger. In this context, Dr. Lausegger is also responsible for the representation of private clients who assert claims for defamation and credit damage.
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